Dieting for Fat Loss


A quick google search and you’ll find an exhausting amount of fat loss secret and solution articles.  Most of which are encouraging you to subscribe to a particular dieting protocol and often times with a product to push to help get you there. It is easy to get caught up in the latest dieting fads and hard to discredit the big transformations that scream, “It worked for me!” The natural reaction is to jump on board and cruise your way to Instagram fame. I want to simplify the process of how fat loss is achieved and give credit where credit it due. From there, you can start to make some decisions for yourself based on your preferences and lifestyle. This will lead to your ‘Secret’ success to fat loss.

Diet success simplified.

  1. Total Calories

  2. Adherence

That is it. No magic. No secret. 



You can successfully lose weight eating clean, paleo, whole30, vegan, intermittent fasting, flexible dieting, mediterranean, ketogenic, insert diet here. The commonality with all these protocols is that in one way or another they are aiding in calorie restriction. This is typically done by either restricting particular foods/food groups or restricting the time that you eat. The undeniable health benefits that you may read boasted about each particular protocol are minute in comparison to success each will have as long as calories are restricted over time. 

  • Surplus- More calories consumed than daily needs over time = weight gain

  • Deficit- Less calories consumed than daily calorie needs over time = weight loss

  • *Exercise and non exercise activity will help contribute to creating an energy deficit

Calculating total calorie needs:

Body weight x 10-12      Ex. 165lb x 10 = 1650 total calories

This basic equation will account for activity and give an estimate of what will put you in a calorie deficit to promote fat loss. Multiply by 10 if you are sedentary and 12 if you are more active.  Not that there are many equations and calculators that will determine total calorie needs. These are basic estimates. If we adhere to the given number and monitor weight, we should see if we are truly in a deficit over a 2 week span. This is most accurately done by logging your food with apps like MyFitnessPal.



Adhering or sticking to a diet has to do with YOUR preferences. Despite the health boosting benefits each diet protocol claims, if you cannot maintain a calorie deficit you will not see fat loss. It is important to not let what may have worked for someone else dictate what your preferences are. 

  • Fat does not make you fat

  • Carbs do not make you fat

  • Protein does not make you fat

  • Eating after 8 does not make you fat

Eating more calories than you expend over time will make you fat. Choose a diet strategy that promotes a calorie deficit while eating foods that you prefer at times that fit your lifestyle. This will have the biggest impact on fat loss. Remember you don’t have to stay on a particular diet until the end of time. Try a low carb high fat diet, try intermittent fasting, try whichever style of dieting you want. Then you can decide what is easiest for you to maintain. 

Tips for adherence:

  • 80/20 rule (80% “clean” lean meat, vegetable, grains, healthy fats/ 20% typical “bad” food, snacks, pizza, ice cream)

  • Protein is more satiating (fuller longer)

  • Vegetables allows for more volume (ton of food/low cal)

  • Fat is more palatable (cooking not so bland)

  • Eat on your schedule (as long as calorie goal is met)



Your long term success with dieting will NEVER be the same plan as anyone that you talk to, follow, trust, or love. So when you see these motivating stories, and start to get drawn in by emotion, know that your success with fat loss will come down to adhering to a calorie deficit by keeping YOUR preferences and lifestyle in mind. Dieting will always be tough because you are giving your body slightly less than what it needs. The goal should be to make the process less tough by implementing different adherence strategies that work for you.

Do YOU, then you can tell the world, “It worked for me!”






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