Smart Cardio


So you hate cardio? I get it, most people don’t enjoy mindlessly slugging their body around for 30 minutes to an hour in the hopes of shedding some pounds. Chances are you hate it because it’s either boring, you suck at it, or you haven’t seen any results. Whatever the reason may be, don’t let it crush your motivation and slow your progress. There is still hope for you! 

I know you’ve all seen the “psychopaths” running the neighborhood or at the gym with that seemingly careless look on their face, right? Well, one day that stupid smirk can be yours! It just takes a little understanding of why you’re starting and how to make cardio work for YOU.

Cardio for Fat Loss:

The great thing about cardio for the purpose of dropping body fat is that you have an insane amount of options. You don’t have to look at it as specifically running, climbing the stair mill, or spinning away on a bike. Simply look at it for what it is, which is creating a calorie deficit. This means you can do whatever type of cardio you prefer, as long as you are burning some calories along the way. Here are some recommendations for making your cardio for fat loss program not suck.

  1. Equipment- Vary and alternate the equipment that you use to keep things interesting. As long as the movement is pain free and you enjoy it, or at least tolerate it, you’re good to go. Experiment with different ways to get that heart rate up. (Rowing, elliptical, step mill, battle rope, jump rope, swimming, ski erg)

  2. Time- A minimum of 20min will ensure that you burn a significant amount of calories and benefit from an overall health perspective . Using this as a base, you can increase the duration dependent on your level of fitness. This can either be done at one time(steady pace) or broken into intervals. You can also combo different equipment and times. (ex. 10min stair climb, 10min jump rope).

  3. Intensity- Your body is insanely adaptive and will become more and more efficient with the same routines. This means you will start to burn less calories for the same amount of work performed. Timed intervals are a great way to combat this. (Ex.30 seconds hard work, 30 seconds recovery and repeat). You can also do this by increasing the resistance of your steady pace work. That can either be the difficulty on an elliptical or the incline on a treadmill. 


There are endless amount of ways you can vary the equipment, time, and intensity of your cardio to contribute to a greater calorie deficit. The most effective way to use cardio for fat loss is to implement these strategies and find something that you can do without a horribly grimaced face. Remember that the goal is to simply burn some calories, create a deficit, and do cardio you prefer consistently over time. Keep that up and you too can be a cardio loving psychopath!






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