Location: PFTA Gym Pflugerville, Texas

Date: January 3, 2018

Time: Monday/Wednesday 10am - 2pm

CEUs- 1.9

Instructor: David Becker

Details: 32 hours of class instruction with an in depth approach to assessing muscular imbalances and corrective programming. NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist textbook, CES Exam, & learning materials are included. $1600.00 per student, only 15 spots available! 



2018 Schedule: TBA

CEUs- 1.6

Instructors: David Becker, Josh Gonzalez, Ken Miller

Details:This specialization is the foundation for all PCS courses. The GTS-L1 will allow one a full understanding of how to deliver, manipulate and program the highest level of group training experience.

For more information, check out or Instagram @performance_coaching_systems


2018 Schedule: TBA

CEUs: Pending

Instructor: David Becker

Details: This 2 hour workshop takes an in depth look at kettlebell technique and programming. The exercises covered include the deadlift, swing, get-up, clean, press, and squat. Mastery of the basics is crucial to your advancement with kettlebell training. You will learn proper movement, effective cuing techniques, corrective strategies, as well as program design for your particular needs. This workshop is open to owners, staff, members, and anyone interested in taking an advanced look at kettlebell training.

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