Fit Mom Bootcamp


Join our 8 week fit mom transformation bootcamp! This is a hybrid program and the first of its kind designed specifically for the the busy moms out there. If you have struggled with losing that baby weight for good, toning up, and building a healthy relationship with food, this program is for you! This program is only available to local Austin women and will start April 15th! The group will be limited to only 20 women ready for a complete transformation in 8 weeks!

How it works:

One of the biggest struggles and most feedback I get from new mothers is trying to find the time to get to the gym. With our Hybrid Program we make this easier than ever. We meet in person every other Sunday for a mini workshop and the rest of the program is done online. This allows you to get personal coaching from myself and then guided daily workouts to complete in your home on your schedule.


Workshop details:

Every other Sunday we will meet for a 90minute mini workshop. We will spend the first 45 minutes detailing the most effective nutrition strategies to help you reach your fat loss goals. This will be an open conversation for us to discuss any dietary restrictions, preferences, or specific needs. The second half of the workshop we will move! You will learn how to safely perform the online workouts and be given personalized alternatives if you have any injuries or nagging pains. My goal is to have you leave feeling confident in what to do for the upcoming weeks with your nutrition and training plan.


Online Training:

The training program is designed for all levels of fitness and the best part is you can will only need a yoga mat and a pair of light dumbbells. The daily workouts can get accessed easily from your phone and have detailed video instructions as well as printable (some just screenshot) PDFs to follow. This program will bring confidence back to your movement, burn fat, build a strong core, and help speed up the healing process. 



Should you have any questions along the way, I will have a private Facebook Forum for all the women participating. This will be a great resource for sharing recipes, tips, and keeping motivation to ensure your success!


Whats included:

  • 4 - 2hr workshops hosted every other Sunday at Northwest Fitness
  • Personal online account for accessing workout plans
  • 8 Weeks of daily workouts, instructional videos, and PDF downloads
  • Complete Guide to Intuitive Dieting Ebook 
  • Access to private Facebook Forum
  • All for $125/month


click here to meet the coach, David Becker