The Strong Start: Guide to Intuitive Dieting


The Strong Start: Guide to Intuitive Dieting


Learn the foundational principles of nutrition that have benefited so many. Not only will this Ebook teach you the most important aspects of nutrition and health, but it will give you the ACTIONABLE steps to achieving your goals! Establish the basics, dial in specifics, and troubleshoot accordingly. You will receive the most impactful and applicable information I've taught over the years to bring countless clients closer to their goals.

34 pages covering:

  • Why Diets work
  • How Food environment effects results
  • Preparation to save time and money
  • Grocery list 
  • Logging with ease to bring awareness
  • Understanding food labels
  • Energy Balance to stay fueled based on your goals
  • Specific macro and micro nutrient intake for faster sustained results
  • Plateau breaking strategies
  • Tips for staying on track in social settings
  • And over 40+ Frequently asked questions answered
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