Amy Smith

My biggest struggle with losing weight and making healthy lifestyle choices before coming to David were that I did not have the tools or knowledge I needed to make a significant change in my fitness. I would go through phases of “being good,” which basically consisted of me upping the cardio and highly restricting my calories to a point where I eventually became burnt out and hungry all the time. David taught me more about the exercises my body needs (e.g., strength training to build muscle in addition to cardio) and how to better manage my calorie intake so that I could still meet my goals and feel satisfied with my diet. 

I was afraid my goals would be considered trivial—I was not overweight prior to starting sessions, and I really just wanted to get back down to my ideal weight and become more fit for my upcoming wedding.  I thought that my goals would seem insignificant to others who were making more drastic lifestyle changes or who had bigger struggles to overcome. However, David recognized my personal goals and helped me get on a good path to achieve them. He helped me become stronger, lose unwanted body fat, and (most importantly) feel better both physically and mentally. He made me realize that my goals were just as important as anyone else’s and gave me the tools I need to continue working towards them on my own. 

I found the one-on-one guidance to be so helpful throughout my experience. I liked having someone to reach out to with questions about diet, exercise, recovery, and unforeseen injuries (now I know how to properly manage a sprained ankle!) so that I could maximize my progress. I also enjoyed having an accountability partner throughout my experience, as it definitely helped me stay on track on days I wanted to be lazy!

I have more knowledge and tools to help me continue towards my long-term goals, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle from both and exercise and nutritional standpoint. Whereas I used to go through bouts of what I presumed was “healthy living,” I now have a plan to help me progress without becoming burnt out and subsequently reverting to unhealthy habits. I initially started the program to get skinnier, and I assume this is a goal for many other women. It wasn’t until I started working with David that I realized the importance strength training played in my life and how gaining muscle can completely change your body composition and confidence. I thought it was so fun to lift some of those heavy weights that I never imagined I could do when I first started! I liked that I was losing body fat, but I also really liked that I was becoming a stronger woman. 

I am proud that I have met a lot of my fitness goals already and that I know I can continue towards others through David’s guidance. I had gained about 10-15 pounds over the past few years and was never able to get any of it off (probably because I was going about it the wrong way), and I have been able to shed several of those unwanted pounds and gain some good muscle in the process! I have more energy, confidence, and motivation to continue making progress thanks to David’s support.