Jen Neve

My son and I approached David about prepping us for a 7 day trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro (Highest mountain in Africa- 19,000ft) that was going to take place in 3 months. David evaluated our fitness levels and assigned us some homework before agreeing to take us on. He also cautioned us that working with him 3 days a week wasn't going to be enough to be ready in time. We would have to do 3 additional days of cardio/walking/hiking on our own. David took us through a session of Wim Hof breathing techniques which were invaluable when I started to feel breathless while on the Kili hike. 

There is a 30+ year age difference between my son and I and I also have a wonky knee.  We worked out during the same session but David made sure we each worked to our individual strengths and changed things on the fly if my knee acted up or if my son was finding the workout easy.

We did a test hike up a 14,000 footer in Colorado and when we returned David changed our training sessions to address the areas we struggled with on this hike.

Long story short- I had NO issues what so ever on Kilimanjaro. I felt great at the end of every hiking day, never had any twinges with the knee and summited easily. Any time I felt a little short of breath I would do the breathing exercises and was fine.  

I honestly could not have done it without David's training and helpful information.  Not only did he train us well he gave us great advice. Among many other suggestions, he talked about the small issues that crop up in the first few days become major problems by days 4 and 5. When we had some minor issues on the trek I made sure we stopped and fixed them before continuing. And had a really great trek. Not easy for sure but much easier thanks to David's training.

Thanks again for everything!



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