Kane Sawyer

1. What were your greatest struggles or frustrations you had before working with us? 

Physical- Losing body fat. 

Mental - Fear of doing certain full body exercises that could cause me to injure my lower back again.

2. What was your biggest hesitation before coming in for your first session?

Money and the worry that the trainer would underestimate the seriousness of my prior back injury. 

3. What do you like most about the program/experience?

It’s affordable, educational, and effective. I also like that I can do it with my wife and that we can do it together. 

4. What are the top 2 ways the program has impacted your life?

Knowledge- I have learned a great deal about diet, form, and strength training. 

The program helps keep me consistent and accountable in regards to making sure exercise is a part of my life and routine. 

5. What are some results you are proud of? 

I have lost 15 pounds. More importantly I have overcome the fear of doing certain exercises like deadlifts that I never would have attempted before due to the concern of hurting my back again. 

6. Favorite exercise?


7. Least favorite?


8. 1 + 1 = ?

One. 1 right + 1 left = 1 complete repetition 

9. What advice would you give to a new client/member?

Ask all of the questions that ever come to mind and never be scared to ask them. 

10. Anything else you would like the internet to know?


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