Lisa Becker

1. What were your greatest struggles or frustrations you had before working with us? 

I was all around unhealthy: mentality and physically.  I didn’t grow up with a healthy lifestyle or role model and that was always my excuse.  In my mind I was pre-determined to be a little thicker unless I wanted to just eat less or take diet supplements and really restrict myself.  I had no idea that you could eat more, be healthy and strong all while living a sustainable lifestyle.  

2. What was your biggest hesitation before coming in for your first session?

I was scared that I would “bulk up” too quickly.  My arms get defined pretty quick, I was worried that I would look too muscular and not as feminine as I wanted.  I have yet to bulk up too much after working with David for 6 years now. 

3. What do you like most about the program/experience?

I love working out with a group and not having to stress about what my workout will be.  Having a group of people that pushes and motivates me is great.  It’s not like most gyms where everyone is silent and doing their own thing, class is prepped I just need to show up and do the work.  We are all there with the same goal in mind and support each other as a team.  I haven’t had that before. If I miss a class, I feel guilty because I’ve left my workout partner without a spotter.

4. What are the top 2 ways the program has impacted your life?

I don’t quit. Anything.  I simply will not let it happen. It may be tough, but it’s not going to kill me.  I am in control completely. I owe that to the caveman workouts and David teaching us that everything is a mental battle.  Learning how to control that mental part of your brain that says, ‘it can’t be done’ and taking that aspect to other factors in my life has helped be grow outside of the gym as well.

5. What are some results you are proud of? 

I’m strong AF.  Not the cute kind of strong, but the “holy crap she can really lift that” strong.  I love it.  I love seeing the shock in people’s faces when I show/tell my strength, I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!  I love seeing my workout diary from 3 years ago and seeing the insane progress I’ve gone through.

6. Favorite exercise?

Deadlift FRIDAYS!

7. Least favorite?

Long distance runs of any kind so I’m working on getting out to run more on my own. 

8. 1 + 1 = ?

1 + 1 will always equal 1 - it is what it is

9. What advice would you give to a new client/member?

Just do it! Yes, the first workout is tough.  Just go and keep it up, make the commitment.  Trust me, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll feel accomplished when you finish a workout and look back at what you’ve done. No, it doesn’t get easier but that is the beauty of it.  You can always push yourself harder than the week before.

Track!  I have notebooks that go back 3 years to see the gains in my strength.  It’s a good reminder that we all start somewhere and feels good when I'm having the less than ideal workouts that happen.

10. Anything else you would like the internet to know?

Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about. David knows every fine grain of said shit and then some.


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